A New Way To Invest In Agriculture

Introducing India's first and simple agri-investment platform

New Opportunities

In India, Agricultural investments for crops have only been accessible to investors with significant capital, vast industry expertise, and direct connections to farmers or agents.Farmify is trying to remove those barriers by:

Connecting farmers directly to investors without the middleman 

Investment platform where we can group the investments from different investors into single significant capital for a farm

Processing, analyzing, the farm data which is available locally and nationally through our technology for maximum returns to Investors

Different Asset Classes, Different Returns, Different Results

When you invest through Farmify, you are investing in real farm—a commodity that is completely different from existing assets like M.F’s of F.D.’s.


Why is this important?

A diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of any risk management strategy. If an entire portfolio consists of similar assets, a singular market downturn can erase gains made over many years. Non-correlated assets like farm investments provide an excellent safety net info during these stock market downturns, helping you to maximize your overall returns.


Investing through farmify helps you not only to gain returns but also impacting the family of a farmer. Grow Green Money.

How it Works!

Log-in to our app

Discover the farms based on Location, type and lockin period

Check out a farm or multiple farms

You can select the farm(s) of your choice and choose to pay the investment with multiple modes of payments

Track and watch them Grow

Monitor and get the farm updates on Farmify’s sponsor app and receive interesting news&coming up farms

Receive your Returns

When the harvest(s) is ready and are sold, the proceeds are deposited into your account, where you can choose to withdraw or reinvest in the same or new farms

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